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DRUMS FIRST! is the first drum kit designed specifically to spark new ideas for sample makers and producers. If you're looking for some fresh inspiration, these 150 full drum loops are perfect for unleashing your creative genius. 

While the kit is great for sample makers, it has a range of uses. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of the kit: 

  1. Drag a drum loop into your session and build a loop around it (tip: try starting with the top loops and lows too!). Then, take off the drums and send out the loop. 
  2. Create a loop, then run a quality control check by seeing how it sounds with a few different drum loops playing. 
  3. Put the drums on a pre-made loop to get a quick bounce going in a high-pressure studio session. 
  4. Chop, reverse, and flip the loops in any way you please.

I am genuinely so excited to see what you can create with this. Here's to inspiring each other! 

Though while you're here, I would highly recommend checking out DRUMS FIRST! Deluxe...

-- Grenadier (@prod.grenadier)


*Note: the loops are 100% royalty-free unless placed on a major label. See included PDF for more information.  

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